Theft Defense Attorney

Theft Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Theft Attorney

Hiring a Houston theft attorney is vital if whether you have been accused of shoplifting or larceny. Theft is a broad category of charges. Penalties can range from fines to life in prison. The following tips will help you choose the best attorney for your case. These include experience and penalties. Read on to learn more. Read on to learn more about the types of theft charges, and why you need an attorney.


If you have been charged with shoplifting, you may wonder if you should hire a Houston theft attorney. If you’ve been charged with shoplifting in Houston, hiring a Houston theft attorney is highly recommended. They can fight your case in court or negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors. Your options depend on the value of the stolen items and your situation. A Houston theft attorney can advise you on your legal options, as well as help you decide what course of action is right for you.

A Houston theft attorney can help you decide whether or not to pursue a trial. Oftentimes, prosecutors will offer plea deals to criminal defendants in exchange for reduced sentences. Although misdemeanor theft charges are not usually the most serious offenses, even if they do not involve jail time, they still carry significant amount legal consequences. It is crucial to hire a Houston theft attorney who has extensive experience in the area of Houston theft law.

Identity theft

If you are charged with a crime involving theft, hiring an experienced Houston defense attorney is imperative. Prosecutors are serious about these offenses and a qualified attorney can build a strong defense for you. Not all Houston theft attorneys are created equal.

An experienced Houston theft attorney will evaluate your case and determine the best course of action. Federal identity theft cases have several defenses, and a skilled defense attorney can establish that your intent was innocent or the accusation was false. A seasoned defense attorney will utilize these defenses to get you the best possible outcome in a federal court. While the federal prosecutor has vast resources to use against you, an experienced Houston theft attorney will have the resources and knowledge to build a successful strategy that protects your constitutional rights.


If you have been arrested for stealing something, you may be wondering whether hiring a theft lawyer in Houston is a good idea. The legal system is complex and hiring an attorney to defend you can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Texas has a specific section dedicated to crimes against property. Theft is a broad category of crimes, and can involve shoplifting, larceny, extortion, or embezzlement. Penalties for stealing something can be severe, ranging from fines to life in prison.

A misdemeanor theft charge is serious business, as it is considered a crime of moral turpitude. A conviction may lead to jail time or fines, and will show up on background checks and that can affect your employment, housing, and other important areas. For this reason, it is important to hire a Houston theft attorney to defend you. A Houston theft attorney can help you avoid a conviction or make it less severe.


If you have been accused of stealing property, you need to know the laws of your State to protect your rights. Texas has a broad set of theft and larceny laws. In Texas, larceny includes a wide variety of crimes, from taking another person’s property to knowingly possessing stolen property with the intent to deprive its rightful owner. Some crimes are even more serious than others. A Houston theft attorney with the experience to effectively fight your case will be able to keep you out of jail.

While fighting a theft charge is never an easy task, it is important to have an experienced Houston theft attorney on your side. A lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system can guide you through the process step by step.

Experience in criminal defense

When you are looking for a Houston theft attorney, experience matters. Experienced Houston theft attorneys have extensive experience representing clients against theft charges.


The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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