The Complete Guide to Choosing a Drug Smuggling Attorney in Houston

Facing a drug charge is an overwhelming experience that no one should try to fight alone. Not only is there a chance that you would have to pay a high fine if convicted, but you may also spend time behind bars.

To help fight your case, you may want to reach out to a reputable drug smuggling attorney. So how do you find the right attorney to represent your case, and why is it important to reach out to one as soon as possible? Continue reading below to learn how to weed out the right attorney for you, the benefits of hiring the right lawyer, and who you can reach out to for more information.

Ask Friends and Family

Friends and family are usually the first people you should reach out to when looking for an attorney. Looking online can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure what to look for. Someone close to you may have heard about a highly recommended attorney you can reach out to. 

Find Someone With Drug Smuggling Case Experience

The first step in finding the right drug smuggling attorney is to make sure they have expertise in handling cases in drug trafficking. Several types of criminal lawyers handle other criminal cases, but not all have experience working with drug smuggling cases in Houston.

Drug trafficking is very complex, and there are specific rules that you must follow to ensure that your case goes as it should. Hiring an attorney with minimal experience in this area will minimize your chance of winning your case. 

Check Their Reviews

Reading online reviews for a Houston drug trafficking attorney is a great way to get to know them. When checking out their thoughts, pay close attention to what clients did and did not like about working with the law firm.

Was the attorney easy to reach out to? Did they answer the client’s questions?

How quickly did clients receive a callback? If you want to read unbiased reviews, you can check out websites such as Google Reviews, Avvo, or Yelp. On these third-party websites, attorney’s cannot alter the reviews. 

Schedule a Consultation

Once you find the right attorney to work with, take the time to schedule a consultation with them. A reputable drug smuggling attorney will provide you with a free no-obligation consultation to review your case.

During the initial meeting, you have the opportunity to feel out about the attorney and their law firm. They also can provide you with legal advice on how to proceed with your case. If they are willing to take you on as a client, they should be upfront with you about that. 


The attorney you choose to represent you should be accessible to you. They may not be available at all times because they have other cases to handle in addition to yours, but they should be able to give your case the proper time and attention. 

Compare Attorney Costs 

It is important to note that not all attorneys charge the same, and those who are more experienced tend to charge higher than junior attorneys.

When comparing attorney fees, make sure you consider the attorney’s experience. Please don’t base your decision solely on their prices. Just because someone charges more than another attorney does not mean they are the best option.  

Read Through the Contract 

Once you find a law firm, you wish to partner with in Houston, read through the contract before you sign. If you choose to work with a high-profile lawyer, carefully read the contract to see if the attorney will be the primary person handling your case. It isn’t abnormal for an attorney to use their team to move your case along, but it is a problem if they plan on splitting your case with other attorneys. 

When seeking the right lawyer, ask them about their caseload. If they have a large caseload, that is an indicator that they won’t be able to give your case the proper attention it needs to work in your favor. They also may hand your case over to a less experienced lawyer to handle in their absence. 

Do I Need a Drug Smuggling Attorney?

When facing serious criminal charges involving drug trafficking, you may consider hiring an attorney. These types of charges in Houston come with severe penalties. Drug laws in Texas are also constantly changing, so make sure you work with an attorney knowledgeable of the changing laws

Examples of charges you can face in Houston:

  • Five to ten years in prison
  • Fines upwards of $250,000 or more

Depending on the type of drug you are caught with, you could face misdemeanor or felony charges. Unless you are well versed in criminal laws surrounding drug trafficking, you may want to reach out to an attorney. Leaving the job to the professionals will help your chances of winning your case. 

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney to handle your case is an excellent decision because unless you’re well versed in criminal law, you won’t be able to win your case. Not only do these lawyers have a specialty in drug laws, but they also have excellent negotiation skills. These skills are necessary to argue the facts of your case correctly to get the desired result. 

Familiarity With Other Attorneys

When you partner with a reputable Houston drug smuggling attorney, they have experience working with certain courthouses and prosecutors. They know how to negotiate with certain judges and prosecutors, which can work in your favor.

Your attorney also knows how to challenge any evidence against you. If the crime lab improperly handled the evidence or if a witness statement contradicts an earlier statement, you most likely won’t know. Your lawyer knows how to look out for this and challenge it. 

Not Hiring an Attorney May Cost You

Most people avoid hiring attorneys because they assume it will cost them a lot of money. Of course, hiring an attorney will cost you, but what is at stake here?

If you represent yourself or work with a public defender, you risk taking an unfair plea deal or harsher sentencing than you would with a private attorney. This could result in you paying high fees in the hundred thousand and spending decades in jail. You may be able to claim your legal fees in a civil case, so hiring an attorney could make or save you money

Following the Wrong Procedure Can Damage Your Case

If you aren’t familiar with legal paperwork, protocols, or deadlines, you should consult an attorney to handle that on your behalf. Following the wrong procedure or filing the incorrect paper could delay or derail your case

You Can Focus On Your Life

Instead of worrying about filing paperwork, showing up to court, or dealing with other legal things related to your case, you can handle that over to your legal team. If you have a family, school, or a job you have to get to, you won’t have to miss out on tending to those while you make court appearances. Your drug trafficking attorney will determine your case’s logistics so you can spend more time with your family and get back to work. 

Public Defender or Private Attorney

As mentioned earlier in the article, you have the option to use a public defender, or you can hire a private attorney to handle your case. If you want someone who can give you more attention and provide you with the best outcome, you should opt for a private attorney.

Public defenders have licensed attorneys, just like personal attorneys, but they usually have a large caseload they have to work through. They may be able to get you a decent plea deal, but if you have a complicated case, you are better off seeking help from a private drug smuggling attorney. 

Best Drug Smuggling Attorney in Houston

Facing drug charges in Houston is something that you shouldn’t try to fight on your own, especially if you aren’t knowledgeable about drug laws or legal proceedings. Hiring an experienced drug smuggling attorney to handle your case is the best decision you will make if you face severe drug charges.

If you try to handle the case on your own, you risk paying high fines and spending time in jail. You also risk having a possible felony on your record. Contact us if you or someone you love needs legal representation for pending drug charges. We offer free no-obligation case evaluations. 

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