Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Houston Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with manslaughter?

In Texas, manslaughter is defined as the act of taking someone’s life by accident, due to negligent actions. The sentence for manslaughter charges includes up to $10,000 in fines and 2-20 years in prison.

However, if you get a Houston manslaughter defense attorney, you may not need to serve that sentence. Instead, you can focus on recovering from this traumatic incident.

Below, we will get into everything a manslaughter defense attorney can do for you. After reading this article, you should have an idea of why you should hire one. Keep reading to learn more!

A Houston Manslaughter Defense Attorney Understands Your Charges

When you hire a Houston manslaughter defense attorney, they will help you better understand your legal situation.

In Texas, there are two types of manslaughter: voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary manslaughter refers to when someone kills someone else in a fit of passion. Usually, something provoked this person, but they didn’t intend to kill the other person.

Involuntary manslaughter occurs when a person dies due to someone’s negligent actions.

The charge you receive will impact how you should address the case. Your attorney will review the details of your case and recommend courses of action. For instance, they might decide to fight a voluntary manslaughter charge by arguing that you were defending yourself.

You’ll Make Smarter Legal Decisions

Once you are charged with manslaughter, anything you say or do can get held against you. So, you should exercise extreme caution when talking with people involved in the case.

Many people who do not have an attorney make mistakes because they are not familiar with the law. For instance, they might not know that they do not have to talk to the police without a lawyer present. If they agree to police interrogation without invoking their right to an attorney, they may say or do something unwise.

Likewise, the legal process is often confusing and filled with jargon confusing words. Your lawyer can explain legal documents and other important concepts.

They’ll Build a Convincing Case

Your manslaughter defense attorney knows how to best build a case. Before the trial, they will gather evidence that supports your legal arguments.

They might find witnesses to put on the stand. They will try to establish a timeline that absolves you of wrongdoing.

They will help you get a lower sentence if you are pleading guilty. When the prosecution offers a plea deal, they will advise you on whether to take it.

Ready to Hire a Manslaughter Defense Attorney?

Which Houston manslaughter defense attorney you hire matters.

The lawyer you choose should have experience winning cases like yours. They also need to care about your case as much as you do and fight for you in a passionate manner.

To find the right attorney, look at their reviews. This will give you an idea of how well they have served their former clients.

Ready to find the right attorney for you? Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Advantages of Hiring a Houston Manslaughter Attorney

With the base sentence for voluntary manslaughter being 25 years (and even involuntary being 6), the crime’s price is steep. That’s why it’s vital to find a manslaughter defense attorney in Houston if you might be facing these charges.

If you’re still considering going it alone, there are many reasons you shouldn’t. Here are all of the advantages of hiring a Houston manslaughter attorney.

They Possess a Lot of Knowledge

The most obvious advantage to hiring any criminal lawyer in Houston is that they have a lot of knowledge about the legal system. They’ve studied it, become qualified, and then spent years embroiled in it, meaning they have far more knowledge than the average person.

When facing something with a potentially life-ruining charge at its end, you want to make sure you have someone like that on your side. Attorneys know the parts of the law that will work in your favor, which will help them build up a solid case for you.

Going it alone, you’re unlikely to know as much as them and may end up in a position where you could have gotten better if only you had known more.

They’ll Get a Better Deal.

Related to them having a lot of knowledge, you’re going to come out of the manslaughter charge with a better sentence. They’ll sit down and examine your case with you, hear everything you have to say, and decide what’s worth telling the jury and judge that may help your sentencing.

They’ll also know what you should plea. While you might think that pleading non-guilty means it’s more likely, that you’ll get off, this isn’t true, and it’s often better for the accused to make a different plea in court.

They Can Save You Money

Since lawyers are expensive — especially the best criminal defense attorney you can find, who is likely experienced and in-demand — you might be shocked at the notion that they can save you money. But it’s true.

If you go and try to handle the case yourself, you may end up facing some steep fines as well as prison time. A lawyer can try to negotiate these things. Although you’re likely paying them a lot, they’re working hard to bring that cost down for you.

You can also often set up a free consultation or case evaluation with a lawyer before you take the plunge into hiring them.

They Can Challenge Evidence

Another issue with representing yourself is that you may be clueless about how to challenge evidence properly. If that evidence is stacking up against you, you may think you have to sit back and accept it — even if it wasn’t obtained correctly or isn’t that relevant to the case.

A lawyer knows how to argue against evidence being used against you that shouldn’t be, which can be a real turning point in a manslaughter case. Don’t let evidence get stuck in your case that works against you but never should have been made part of this in the first place.

They Handle the Paperwork

In a manslaughter case, there will be a lot of paperwork — as there would be with any case. You need to be familiar with the deadlines and how to fill out the forms appropriately, or it could be costly.

If you have a lawyer, you don’t need to worry about any of this. Part of an attorney’s job is to obtain the necessary information from you and fill out the forms, ensuring they are filled out on time.

If you’re facing a manslaughter charge, you’re likely under great stress, which means you may forget to get this paperwork in on time. This can have severe consequences in your case.

They’ll Lessen the Stress.

Speaking of stress, it’s crucial to lessen it as much as possible, and a lawyer can do that in ways other than just paperwork. Because you now know you have a legal expert on your side who is working hard to get the best result possible, you won’t be as snowed under with forms and potentially harmful results as you would be if you were handling the case yourself.

Since it’s vital to attend court with a clear mind and respectful attitude, this can be very helpful in putting yourself in the right headspace.

They’ll Be on Your Side

It’s an attorney’s job to listen to the facts and decide the best possible route. A reasonable attorney would never judge a client or make them feel bad for coming to them with the case. Instead, they should be supportive, the perfect blend of warmth and professionalism — making you feel reassured and that someone knowledgeable has things under control.

Having someone like this in your corner can be crucial in a case as serious as manslaughter. Even if you have loved ones around you that are trying to help, there’s nothing quite like talking to someone who could make a massive difference in the result of the case.

Hire a Manslaughter Defense Attorney in Houston

If you’re facing manslaughter charges, hire a manslaughter defense attorney in Houston. It’s not a good idea to represent yourself and try to handle everything on your own when the consequences may be severe. Instead, get an expert on your side and ensure you get the best possible result.

Ready to hire a manslaughter defense attorney today? Contact us today. We’re experienced and prepared to help you with your case.

The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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