Kidnapping Defense Attorney

Kidnapping Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Kidnapping Attorney in Houston

A kidnapping charge in the United States carries severe penalties. For example, kidnapping in Texas, you could face up to ten years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

In some instances, people can falsely be accused of kidnapping. If this happens to you, contact a Houston kidnapping attorney immediately. An attorney can help you understand the law and what to do of a kidnapping charge.

In the following sections, you’ll discover more about how a kidnapping attorney in Houston can help you

How Is Aggravated Kidnapping Defined in Texas?

The reason you might face a kidnapping charge depends on the elements of the crime. Texas Penal Code Section 20.01 defines “aggravated kidnapping” as involving any of the details below. This is the 1st degree felony with a prison term ranging from 5 to 99 years.


When an individual is held against their will and the criminal has no intention of releasing them, it is considered an abduction. They must also use or threaten deadly force against them as part of the crime. It also involves hiding the individual somewhere they cannot be found.


Attempts to restrain people without consent include deception, force, and intimidation to hold them against their will. It involves restricting an individual’s freedom without their permission by confining them.

Additionally, it involves restricting their freedom by moving them without their consent to different places. If the alleged victim is under 14 years old and their parent or guardian did not consent to the move, you may face kidnapping charges.

What if You are Falsely Accused of Federal Kidnapping?

Your defense strategy is more important than proving you are innocent. You are innocent until the prosecution proves you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, many people charged with crimes believe that the system is already against them.

Therefore, they agree to plea bargains or plea deals without thinking about the consequences. As soon as you enter into a plea deal, you have a criminal record that will affect you in many ways.

A prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed every element associated with the kidnapping offense during your trial. A judge or jury may reduce or dismiss the allegations against you if they are in doubt. To fight false allegations, you must immediately contact an experienced kidnapping lawyer following an investigation.

How Can a Kidnapping Attorney in Houston Help You?

Your Houston kidnapping lawyer will develop a strategy to prove you are innocent of the crime you are facing. One of the ways the attorney will fight the case is by proving the crime was an innocent mistake.

This usually involves divorced spouses and their custody arrangements. It is possible that one parent did not fully comprehend the custody agreement. Your attorney can further prove why it was not understandable and why you made the honest mistake.

Call Us Today for a Houston Kidnapping Attorney to Help Win Your Case

If you face charges and require legal representation, contact a kidnapping attorney in Houston immediately. A kidnapping conviction can be devastating in your personal or professional life.

Your future is at stake, so contact a Houston kidnapping attorney today.

The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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