Embezzlement Defense Attorney

 Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Houston Embezzlement Defense Attorney?

Are you facing embezzlement charges? Finding the right defense can be complex and impossible to navigate yourself.

It is important to hire the right representation, whether you are guilty or innocent. There are many reasons why a Houston embezzlement defense attorney is your best line of defense.

Keep reading to find out how you could benefit from hiring experienced legal services today!

What Is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement refers to the white-collar crime of theft where a person misappropriates property to which they had legal access.

The prosecution needs to prove several elements to prove guilt. These elements are that the defendant:

  • Had a fiduciary responsibility to the victim
  • Acted on purpose
  • Took possession of the property through work
  • Fraudulently took ownership of the property or transferred it to a third party

Arguably, some of this can be hard to prove, such as intent. Proving, that the property was obtained through work and not some other means is difficult.

It is not impossible, which is why you should not be mistaken in thinking embezzlement charges do not require an expert law firm behind you.

Why Hire a Houston Embezzlement Defense Attorney?

With your freedom on the line, being represented by professional legal services for attorney brings you some peace of mind. A professional will:

  • Take immediate action
  • Do damage control
  • Protect you against penalties
  • Inform you of all eventualities

It can be daunting knowing what the outcome of your charges might be, but when faced with embezzlement charges, it is best to be fully informed.

Take advantage of your lawyer’s knowledge and experience. It will ease some of your stress and make you feel more confident when challenging these allegations.

The Punishments in Texas for Embezzlement Charges

Depending on how much was stolen, the crime is either considered a misdemeanor or a felony. There are other factors to consider which will affect the sentence, such as the age or status of the victim.

The sentence will always reflect the value of what was stolen but if, for example, money was stolen from someone elderly, or a non-profit organization, the charges will be harsher.

Charges you could face may include but are not limited to:

  • Fines ranging from $500 – $10,000
  • 6 months – 99 years in prison
  • Loss of employment

Without a professional representing you, these are very real consequences you could face if you get it wrong. Your lawyer is your first and best line of defense. They will search tirelessly for any mitigating circumstances that could either have your charges lowered, or even dropped completely.

Hiring an Embezzlement Defense Attorney in Houston

Navigating your charges alone can feel impossible and the consequences of being found guilty vary in range, but all have real, devastating impacts on your life and reputation. This is why having a strong defense in the form of an embezzlement defense lawyer at your back is key.

It may seem overwhelming, not only facing charges but figuring out which Houston embezzlement defense attorney to choose.

We can help, so contact us to discuss your case today!

The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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