Embezzlement Defense Attorney

 Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Houston Embezzlement Defense Attorney?

Are you facing embezzlement charges? Finding the right defense can be complex and impossible to navigate yourself.

It is important to hire the right representation, whether you are guilty or innocent. There are many reasons why a Houston embezzlement defense attorney is your best line of defense.

Keep reading to find out how you could benefit from hiring experienced legal services today!

What Is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement refers to the white-collar crime of theft where a person misappropriates property to which they had legal access.

The prosecution needs to prove several elements to prove guilt. These elements are that the defendant:

  • Had a fiduciary responsibility to the victim
  • Acted on purpose
  • Took possession of the property through work
  • Fraudulently took ownership of the property or transferred it to a third party

Arguably, some of this can be hard to prove, such as intent. Proving, that the property was obtained through work and not some other means is difficult.

It is not impossible, which is why you should not be mistaken in thinking embezzlement charges do not require an expert law firm behind you.

Why Hire a Houston Embezzlement Defense Attorney?

With your freedom on the line, being represented by professional legal services for attorney brings you some peace of mind. A professional will:

  • Take immediate action
  • Do damage control
  • Protect you against penalties
  • Inform you of all eventualities

It can be daunting knowing what the outcome of your charges might be, but when faced with embezzlement charges, it is best to be fully informed.

Take advantage of your lawyer’s knowledge and experience. It will ease some of your stress and make you feel more confident when challenging these allegations.

The Punishments in Texas for Embezzlement Charges

Depending on how much was stolen, the crime is either considered a misdemeanor or a felony. There are other factors to consider which will affect the sentence, such as the age or status of the victim.

The sentence will always reflect the value of what was stolen but if, for example, money was stolen from someone elderly, or a non-profit organization, the charges will be harsher.

Charges you could face may include but are not limited to:

  • Fines ranging from $500 – $10,000
  • 6 months – 99 years in prison
  • Loss of employment

Without a professional representing you, these are very real consequences you could face if you get it wrong. Your lawyer is your first and best line of defense. They will search tirelessly for any mitigating circumstances that could either have your charges lowered, or even dropped completely.

Hiring an Embezzlement Defense Attorney in Houston

Navigating your charges alone can feel impossible and the consequences of being found guilty vary in range, but all have real, devastating impacts on your life and reputation. This is why having a strong defense in the form of an embezzlement defense lawyer at your back is key.

It may seem overwhelming, not only facing charges but figuring out which Houston embezzlement defense attorney to choose.

We can help, so contact us to discuss your case today!

Advantages of Hiring a Houston Embezzlement Attorney

Did you know that an embezzlement conviction in Texas can attract fines ranging from $500 to $300,000, depending on the charge? While there’s no specific law for embezzlement in Texas, the crime is charged as theft. It may be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the amount or value of property stolen.

As a white-collar crime; embezzlement occurs when someone misappropriates or steals property or money. The defendant may use the trust bestowed upon them to acquire the misappropriated property. Hiring a Houston embezzlement attorney will help you prove your case.

An attorney can look into the credibility of evidence presented against you. As discussed below, they will also offer you legal support and advice as the case progresses.

Follow the Right Court Procedures

The offense will be recorded in a charge sheet in the early stages of your case. You may have to appear in court for the first time and later be arraigned. Other stages in the case include trial and verdict.

An embezzlement defense attorney in Houston will follow the court procedures to the letter. They will not compromise on your defense before the court date.

Thanks to their knowledge of court procedures, you can count on them to process your court documents. The attorney will also help you counter any legal hurdles or rigid deadlines that prevent your case from being heard in court. As a result, you will be guaranteed peace of mind.

Handle Paperwork

Like other criminal cases, embezzlement cases involve a huge deal of paperwork. Any mistakes or errors in filing out, gathering, or filing the paperwork can compromise the case. You can count on an attorney to prevent these mistakes from happening.

With the attorney’s help, you can gather any documents that can support your case. The legal counsel will also ensure that the documents meet the court-specific requirements.

Better Examination of the Evidence

Expect the prosecution to have compelling evidence against you. Without professional representation, it can be difficult to examine this evidence. Even more, you may not have the legal training to understand the vocabulary used in the paperwork.

An experienced embezzlement attorney will carefully examine the evidence. They will identify any evidence that was illegally gathered to harm your case. With their help, you can have witnesses summoned to court to support your claims.

Attorneys also cross-examine witnesses brought in by the prosecution. You can count on their connections with expert witnesses to prove the facts of your case. These expert witnesses may include forensic accountants and IT experts in an embezzlement case.

Help You Gain Objective Insight into the Case

Embezzlement cases usually involve complex processes that can be challenging to navigate without an attorney. Without this information, you won’t understand what the justice system demands from you.

An embezzlement attorney will update you on the progress of the case. They will let you know what will happen next and where the prosecution stands. You can turn to them when presented with a plea bargain.

A legal counsel can also educate you on the Texas laws or statutes you should comply with. You’re unlikely to break laws with their help and advice throughout the case.

The attorney will send you a copy of every court pleading or corresponding to update you on the case. They will also notify you about any scheduled court date as soon as it is announced. If the case is progressing slowly, expect them to update you at least thrice a month.

Come up with a Strong Defense Strategy

Your embezzlement attorney can advise you on the best defense strategy for the case. They will do this after evaluating the police reports, charges, witnesses, and other evidence. The defense strategy may help withdraw the charges or negotiate a shorter sentence.

The attorney may use the defense of insufficient evidence to help you fight the charges. They may also argue that you didn’t intend to commit the crime or were incapacitated when the crime was committed. Your attorney may use this as a defense if you believe you were under duress or entrapped to embezzle money.

Texas criminal law requires prosecutors to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, your defense strategy must demonstrate reasonable doubt about any elements of the charges.

Impeccable Negotiation Skills

While you may want to defend yourself, doing so will put your case at tremendous risk. The prosecutors may present you with a plea bargain that can be difficult to negotiate without an attorney’s help. They may want to eliminate the charges or reduce a sentence in the deal.

Experienced embezzlement attorneys can negotiate plea bargains on your behalf. You can count on their creative ideas to get a favorable deal. They also understand the steps you must take to prepare for plea negotiations.

Negotiation skills are among the essential qualities an embezzlement attorney should have. These skills help the attorney to discover your strengths, vulnerabilities, interests, and target points.

Access to Important Resources

A reasonable embezzlement attorney should access a wide range of legal resources. These resources should help build and prove your case in different stages. For instance, the legal counsel may rely on their resources to find witnesses.

Your attorney can help you find and hire an investigator to investigate the crime. They may also help you seek further legal help if the case takes a toll on your image. Other resources include continued legal support and access to simplified versions of criminal court documents and statutes.

Hire a Houston Embezzlement Attorney Today

With your freedom on the line, hiring a Houston embezzlement attorney brings you great peace of mind. The legal counsel will protect you against the punishments for embezzlement charges. They will also do damage control and take immediate action to help your case.

Turn to Tripod Law Firm for legal help on theft, white-collar crimes, intoxication, and drug crimes. Our lawyers are highly committed to protecting your rights for the best outcomes. Reach out to schedule a free legal consultation today.

The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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