Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Houston Drug Trafficking Attorney

Have you been charged with a drug trafficking crime? Depending on the nature of the charge, you might be facing fines or even years in prison. If you want to plead innocent or lessen your sentence, you will need the services of a Houston drug trafficking attorney.

Yet, some people wonder whether the price of an attorney is really worth it. Below, we will get into all the reasons you should hire a drug trafficking attorney in Houston. Keep reading to learn more and see how you can benefit from a drug trafficking lawyer’s services!

A Houston Drug Trafficking Attorney Gives You Advice

As soon as you have charges brought against you, your actions matter. The things you say and do can influence the outcome of your case.

In fact, you should avoid speaking to the police without your attorney present. Under the law, you do not have need to agree to talk to the authorities without a lawyer with you. If the police want to ask you questions, tell them you would like to have a lawyer present. They will then have to wait until your attorney arrives.

You should also run show any legal documents by your lawyer. Consult with them you attorney before you make any legal moves.

An Attorney Gathers the Right Evidence

The right Houston drug trafficking attorney will have extensive familiarity with the legal process. They can look at your case and determine which information the jury and judge should see.

Then, they will put together an argument based on the evidence in your case.

To gather the evidence, they may need to talk to people who witnessed the events leading up to your arrest. They will also prepare any witnesses for the questions they may face on the stand. If you choose to testify in your own trial, they will give you advice on what to say.

Getting the Right Verdict

If you defend yourself, you run the risk of not knowing how to present your evidence to the court. The prosecution team will have attorneys working to prove that you are guilty. If you do not have a lawyer, your case may not be as convincing. As such, your chances of winning your case increase if you have a defense attorney on your side.

If your attorney does not think you can win your case, they will help you secure the right plea deal. The government often offers people incentives to plead guilty, such as a reduced prison sentence. Taking a plea deal is not always in your best interest, but an attorney will let you know if it is.

Ready to Hire a Houston Drug Trafficking Attorney?

Hiring a Houston drug trafficking attorney can give you more confidence about the outcome of your case.

Choosing the right attorney is crucial. Your lawyer should have a good reputation. Ideally, they should have won cases similar to yours in the past.

Do you want to hire a qualified lawyer? Call us today for more information!

Why You Need to Hire a Drug Trafficking Attorney in Houston

A drug trafficking charge is a massive blow, especially in Houston, Texas. In most drug-related crimes, such as drug possession and trafficking, you may have had to deal with more than one state law enforcement agency or federal agency.

The state of Texas, being especially tough on suspects with drug-related charges leveled against them, will back your prosecutor fully. You probably feel like defending the charges is an impossible task. However, your one shot at a good defense will be the right attorney. A Houston drug-trafficking attorney is unlike any other kind of criminal lawyer. With their specialization and experience, you might find the charges against you reduced or even thrown out. Below are the reasons you need an attorney if you are faced with a drug trafficking case in Houston.

To help you get released on bail.

The first step towards a successful defense in a drug trafficking case is to get you released from jail. Languishing in prison is a bad situation, and it reduces your ability to communicate with your attorney freely or contribute to your defense. Therefore, pretrial detention should be avoided as often as possible, and a drug crimes defense lawyer should help you get out on bail.

To obtain professional legal advice.

A drug defense lawyer will help you understand what is at stake depending on your case. These include the penalties stipulated by the Texas Drug Statutes, the factors determining what your sentence might be, and collateral consequences, such as loss of employability or asset forfeiture. They will also determine any loopholes in your case, such as whether the arresting officers had the right to search your vehicle or person. Should the prosecution offer a plea deal, your lawyer will present it to you and then help you analyze it for its pros and cons. Regardless of your decision, your lawyer will stand by you and continue fighting for the best possible result.

The procedures engaged in drug crime prosecution are not always fair and just.

The State or Federal government and law enforcement agencies are not always fair in executing their mandate, especially when it comes to drug-related offenses. As a result, most suspects find themselves dealing with excessive force, prosecutorial misconduct, and other unethical behavior before, during, and after their trial.

With a qualified drug crimes defense attorney, you will be safer against such actions. You still have your rights as the accused and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect despite your charges. Your attorney will also ensure that you are not treated poorly by other stakeholders outside the justice system, such as your employers. Your family will also be affected by these events, and they stand to undergo several hardships in case you do not get bail or are incarcerated. A drug crimes lawyer will advise them too and help them avoid setbacks such as property repossession.

They possess excellent negotiation skills.

The law concerning drug trafficking in Houston is comprehensive, so your defense attorney should be able to negotiate thoroughly through every turn. For example, using their experience and negotiation skills, they might use facts to amend the charges leveled to a lesser offense. Some clients are even able to get their charges dismissed altogether.

Your attorney will start working on your case and the facts at hand the day you hire them. Adhering to their instructions from that day improves your chances of getting the most beneficial outcome.

Drug trafficking attorneys always remain impartial.

In some criminal case proceedings, you might isolate yourself from friends and family. This is why you can never have a close relationship with your defense lawyer. Hiring a Houston drug trafficking lawyer will help you obtain an impartial advocate that will act in your best interests regardless of the facts of the case. These attorneys are seasoned professionals that keep emotion out of their work. They will quickly tell you what you must hear rather than what you want to hear so you can accept the harsh reality of a situation.

Drug trafficking lawyers have all the right connections.

The right connections within the justice system are a plus, especially if you have been charged with serious crimes like kidnapping. Even if this is your first time on the wrong side of the law, the right lawyer may have a relationship with the prosecutor that can serve your interests. For example, this lawyer may understand the prosecutor’s work ethic: are they aggressive enough to avoid plea deals altogether, or do they prefer to get cases like yours off their desks as soon as possible? Such valuable knowledge can get you the kind of fair treatment you wouldn’t ordinarily get from any criminal lawyer.

Access to valuable resources

In addition to connections and relationships with the right people, your drug crimes attorney will have resources you do not have. These resources will help them turn every stone to find every last fact about your case to improve your outcome in front of a jury. These include expert witnesses, whose testimony can interpret drug tests and analyses and determine whether a substance is actually illegal or not. They may also find investigators whose testimonies can counter the prosecution’s evidence.

Moreover, a Houston drug trafficking attorney may interact with fellow attorneys and experts with trial testimony experience, whose insights may assist if your case is particularly tough. Finally, most professional criminal lawyers attend Continuing Legal Education seminars that expose them to new techniques in their specializations to represent their clients better.


If you are being investigated for drug trafficking in Houston or have already been arrested and charged with this offense, consult a qualified defense attorney as soon as possible. Drug offenses in Texas carry severe penalties and collateral consequences that will affect your freedom and future. A Houston drug trafficking lawyer will help you build a defense that will stand in court and help you succeed in front of the jury.

The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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