Are you or a loved one facing a serious criminal charge?

Your best legal recourse is to get a criminal defense attorney because you want to avoid going to a legal battle unarmed and unprepared.

Did you know many people go to jail not because they are guilty? Instead, they need to be more trained in legal technicalities and proper court proceedings. As a result, these people cannot effectively present evidence and testimony for their defense.

Get Your Best Legal Defense

You’ve made critical mistakes, but don’t let them come back to haunt you in the form of a criminal charge. Whether it’s your first or your tenth time, take these charges to take you to a dead end.

Let a criminal defense attorney represent you to get the best possible outcome.

But how do you select one who will handle your case?

Your city probably has hundreds or even thousands of criminal defense lawyers. Indeed some are better than the rest. So how will you know who to get for your case?

This article will examine the best personality traits defining great criminal defense attorneys.

Characteristics That Define Great Criminal Defense Lawyers

Did you know the best criminal defense attorneys have unique qualities?

The first one is ineffable, but if you have to quantify, the closest way to put it into words is “charm.” Their presence is unmistakable. 

They typically have a distinctive draw that makes heads turn. It’s almost irresistible always to lend your ear and listen to what they say. And their wit is ever sharp that snaps every time they argue in court.

Great criminal defense attorneys also possess unique confidence and courage. They have the guts to stand up to the opposing party before the judge.

If you are to choose a criminal defense attorney, what personality traits do you look for?

Here are the essential defining characteristics that best set out the great criminal defense lawyers.

1. Integrity

Legal representation from a defense lawyer who lives by a strong moral code is a big plus. Having one who makes the right choices in protecting your rights is vital.

It would help if you had a dedicated attorney who would stay true to his word in defending you. And it’s not just a matter of representing you in court. 

Your lawyer must update you on everything because criminal cases are not one-sided. There are many elements to consider, making it dynamic and very complex.

Your attorney needs to be honest and forthcoming when it comes to the potential outcomes of your case. He needs to be sincere about his representation.

2. Perseverance

A criminal defense attorney needs to be persistent. He should not stop when his motions are denied. Instead, he must look for other ways to get through the obstacles to achieve the objective. After all, this is the liberty we’re talking about.

Should the case go to the tail, your lawyer must do everything it takes to convince the judge and jury to sway in your favor.

3. Committed to Your Case

Handling a criminal case admits to certain complexities. You also have to consider that your lawyer is a human who may feel drained of energy, taking on many cases. And like us, he also experiences several ups and downs, which can affect his daily life deeply.

Nonetheless, you want a criminal defense attorney who will continue to push on in defending you. He might feel demoralized with how the case is going, but he remains committed no matter the odds.

Ultimately, it would help if you had a lawyer who would stick by you. This commitment will bring a positive outcome for your case and keep the glimmer of hope alive when everything is dim.

4. Understanding

His demeanor in and out of court is crucial. He may be good at arguing your case in court, but it can be a deal breaker if he is not empathetic to your situation.

Getting a criminal charge is both scary and stressful. It’s even more if you have been detained while the charges are filed in court. 

So it would help if you had a defense attorney who understands what you’re going through. Someone who will help ease the emotional turmoil you’re feeling, an advocate who also has your safety and well-being in mind. It helps to have a lawyer who is also conscious about maintaining your privacy while keeping a check on your family during the ordeal.

5. Zealous and Assertive

A passive defense attorney may not make his mark in the long run. Each legal battle is won aggressively through action and approach.

It would help if you looked for a lawyer who is zealous and assertive in defending your innocence. It will bring out a better chance of getting a positive outcome.

6. Effective Communication Skills

Communication is the only way to convey your defense before the judge. So you need a criminal defense attorney with practical communication skills to convince the judge and jury of your innocence.

After all, your defense relies on your lawyer’s ability to convey the right message.

In addition, your defense attorney’s communication skills should not be limited to the judge and jury. At some point in your case, he will also need to confer with other lawyers or even the prosecutors. There will be negotiations concerning the terms of your release or working out a deal to reduce your sentence.

7. Excellent Analytical Skills

In a legal battle, there are multiple variables to harmonize and complex problems to solve. So you need a lawyer who can crystallize all available information and present it logically to resolve the issues. Excellent analytical skills are crucial in handling your defense.

8. Confident in Their Public Speaking Skills

It would help if you had an attorney who doesn’t shy away from being expressive when the occasion calls for it. Someone confident and unafraid to speak in open court. One who can convey their message clearly and convincingly enough for the judge to appreciate the evidence for your defense.

If your chosen lawyer doesn’t feel confident, he might be ineffective in his legal representation.

9. Good Listener

While you need your defense lawyer to communicate well with the judge, jury, and opposing party, it’s equally important to have someone who will openly discuss the legal strategy.

It’s not enough to receive advice from a criminal defense attorney. Sometimes you also want to be heard. Perhaps the lawyer didn’t fully appreciate what you initially said to him, admitting to some corrections.

So it helps to have a criminal defense attorney who will take the time to listen first before stating an opinion or developing a solution to the problem.

10. Great Decision-Making Skills

This is one of the more important traits to look for in a defense attorney.

Great lawyers are known for their sharp decision-making skills after having a complete grasp of the facts and with full reasonableness.

It would help if you had a counsel who would not hesitate to call the shorts—someone who will decide on matters after having a complete understanding of the case.

11. Confidentiality

A criminal charge is private, and this information should be confidential. 

So it’s crucial to have a criminal defense lawyer who will stay true to his oath—to keep the confidences of his client secret.

Because of the highly sensitive nature of the work, you need an attorney who will not reveal sensitive information to others. Doing so might impact your case or otherwise jeopardize your defense.

12. Great Negotiation Skills

Lawyering involves dialogue, debate, and working out a deal. And there will be times when criminal cases will go down to negotiations, like plea bargaining.

So it would help if you worked with a criminal defense attorney with excellent negotiation skills. That way, should bad turn to worse, you can still work your way out with his help. Reach a settlement agreement acceptable to the opposing party and the judge.

13. Good Research Skills

In addition to negotiation skills, lawyering involves a lot of research and investigation. You don’t want a lawyer who will walk into a hearing unprepared and just “winging it.”

There is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to criminal cases. Each is unique, so it calls for careful study of the facts and the law.

So it would help if you had a criminal defense lawyer who is keen on doing extensive research and investigation. The key to a proper legal defense is diving deeper into the specifics so nothing is overlooked.

With thorough research and study comes an effective legal defense.

14. Approachable

Being a criminal defense attorney is not a 9-to-5 job. The work doesn’t end just because the clock strikes five o’clock. It would help if you had a lawyer who understands that and lives by it.

15. Extensive Criminal Law Experience

Criminal law is a unique branch of legal practice. It calls for specialized training and familiarity to excel in this field.

So even if an attorney has been in corporate law or family law for over 20 years, it’s not conclusive as to his expertise in criminal law. 

You don’t want to entrust your fate to a lawyer whose experience is confined to civil cases. Instead, look for an attorney who knows his way around the criminal justice system with abundant experience.

Are You Facing a Criminal Charge

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