Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Houston Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Why Hire a Houston Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Did you know that child pornography cases rose during the pandemic? Reports of sexual exploitation among children averaged increase 30% globally. In America, child pornography is a severe offense at both federal and state levels.

It is crucial to avoid wrong accusations because penalties for this crime are heavy. Thus, it is your right to have a proper Houston child pornography defense attorney.

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What Is Child Pornography?

The creation or distribution of sexual exploitation of children falls under child porn. Child porn is anything recorded, filmed, or photographed that shows sexual conduct.

If charged with this crime, you will have a permanent record as a sex offender. Plus, you will experience a long period of incarceration.

The possession of child pornography is illegal, as well. Aside from state laws, it is also a crime under federal law. It means that both federal and state can charge you.

Child pornography penalties range from 2 years for a 3rd degree felony and 5 to 99 years for 1st degree felony. If a person views naked children under the age of 18 on the INTERNET, he can be charged with a felony in Texas.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Child Pornography Lawyer?

Hiring a defense attorney does not mean you are guilty, but it will give you the needed legal help. It will show the authorities that you will stand up against the accusations. Not to mention, defending yourself in court is your right.

Also, they make you understand the nature of the charges filed against you. You can negotiate plea agreements or reduce your criminal charges. A Houston child pornography defense attorney can help you develop defense strategies.

What to Look For in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are many types of cases that a criminal defense attorney handles. They can handle felonies, drug charges, and other federal crimes. It is vital to choose a lawyer with experience in handling similar cases.

Also, choose a lawyer that can assess a case and determine your chances of winning the case. They should know the ins and outs of criminal law and legal procedures.

Choose a lawyer that can provide an effective defense strategy for you. Some of the things that they can give as an explanation in defense are:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Mistaken download
  • Hacked computer

You can check the internet for reviews and background checks on your lawyer. It can give you an insight into the experience of past clients and their services.

Not to mention, many lawyers today have websites that you can visit. You can also look for referrals from friends or other lawyers.

Hire a Houston Child Pornography Defense Attorney Now

Considering the benefits and the possible penalties, hiring a defense attorney is best. If you need help with charges against you, get a Houston child pornography defense attorney.

Hiring the right defense attorney can make a huge difference in your case. They can help you at all stages of the criminal process. Plus, they can reduce or dismiss your sentence.

If you need to find the best defense lawyer, contact us! We are glad to help.

The attorney you hire matters. A subpar attorney could derail your case, while a good one will help you.

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