9 Questions to Ask Your Potential Drug Crimes Attorney

Did you know that nearly 38% of adults struggle with an illicit drug use disorder? Despite the widespread nature of this problem, there are, unfortunately, still a lot of stigmas surrounding the issue.

And nowhere is that more apparent than how certain states prosecute drug crimes. Areas like Houston, Texas, are known for their particularly harsh sentences regarding drug offenses.

This is why you must find the best attorney that you can trust. But, how do you do this? 

Simple: by reading this article.

You will learn nine questions you should ask your potential drug crimes attorney in it. This way, you are sure they are the best option. 

  1. How Long Have You Practiced Law?

There is a lot of debate about how experienced the individual should be when hiring a lawyer. The lawyer profession is expected to grow by 9% over the next decade.

That means a lot of new, young attornies will be entering the workforce. So, should you hire these young professionals for your case? The answer is that it depends.

Sometimes, hiring a young legal professional hungry to succeed can be wise. They may work longer hours on your case to win. Sadly, there are also a lot of disadvantages.

Young lawyers do not always know what to expect and are not always aware of the ins and outs of the Texas legal system. As a result, there could be severe holes in their strategies.

Because of this, it is always a wiser decision to pick a firm with years of experience in criminal defense law. When it comes to charges that can potentially land you severe prison sentences, you do not want to leave anything to chance.

When you pick someone with decades of experience and a successful track record, you maximize your chances of reducing your sentence (or getting off entirely).

For example, John Tripodi has over thirty years of experience with these types of drug cases, and that translates to thousands of cases handled.

This level of experience is something that you can not teach. So, consider going with a more experienced attorney over a new one. 

  1. What Areas of Criminal Law Do You Focus On?

Criminal law can be an effective umbrella term that applies to many different cases. It can cover everything from DWI and theft to violence and drug crimes.

So, just because a lawyer specializes in criminal law in Texas does not always make them the best choice for a drug crimes case.

Because of the broad nature of the law, you want to ensure they are not strangers to your type of case. Consider asking some questions like:

  • What kinds of cases does your firm tend to focus on?
  • How often do you get my kind of drug crime case?
  • Do you feel confident taking on a drug crime case?

Remember that just because a law firm works in multiple areas of criminal law does not mean they are not qualified for your case. You want to confirm that they have the necessary experience to help you. 

  1. What Are Your Educational and Professional Qualifications?

Law Education is not always created equally. Just like a job interview, you want to make has both the proper education and credentials for taking on the case.

This can make all the difference. An excellent sign is if the attorney graduated in the top 10% of their class, this shows that they took their education seriously and got the most out of it. In terms of credentials, you want to make ask whether or not they belong to organizations or bar associations.

For example, John Tripodi has a state bar license in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He also has the federal bar license for:

  • Texas Western District Court
  • Texas Southern District Court (Houston)
  • Texas Eastern District Court
  • Florida Southern District Court
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Florida Middle District Court

In addition, you should also ask what their standing is like in the law community, and their reputation will speak volumes about how they handle your case. 

  1. How Much of My Case Will You Work On?

It is usual for attorneys to delegate some of their work to paralegals and their junior associates. This is usually preferable for you since the lower hourly rate of these workers means less cost to you.

That being said, you want to ensure that your drug crimes attorney makes all the critical decisions behind your case.

Ask them how much time they will dedicate to your case and how much is delegated to others. If it sounds like they are not hands-on, you might want to choose a different law firm. 

  1. Do You Have Any Testimonials I Can Read?

You want to understand the average person’s experience with your drug crime attorney. Testimonials are an excellent way to do this. If your attorney is reasonable, then they should have no shortage of testimonials to show you from satisfied clients.

You might also want to ask them for testimonials from other attorneys in their community. If your client refuses to share testimonials with you, then feel free to ask them why. Some might not want to disclose client information. 

  1. What is Your Communication Process? 

Ask your lawyer how their communication process usually works. Are they somewhat hands with how much they communicate with you? Or do they provide you with frequent updates regarding your case?

Ideally, your attorney should be available to answer questions whenever you have them. They should also have an emergency line if you need to contact them immediately.

That way, you are not being kept on hold when you have vital information that you need to share with them. 

  1. What is Your Impression of My Case?

It is helpful to ask your drug crime attorney what they think of your drug case. That way, they can let you know how severe the sentencing for the crime is.

Remember that not all drug crimes are judged equally in Texas. For example, the penalty for drug trafficking is much more severe than simple possession.

Make sure you do not hold any information back from your lawyer regarding the evidence against you. That way, they can give you as accurate an impression as possible before hiring an attorney

  1. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Next, you should determine what type of charging system your drug crimes attorney uses. There are two types of charging systems: hourly rates and flat rates.

Hourly rates cover every minute the attorney spends thinking or working on your case. That includes talking to you, waiting in court, and emailing you.

A flat rate, however, will include one payment for all the services the lawyer does for you. Keep in mind that hourly rates tend to be more expensive than flat rates.

But, ultimately, it depends on the nature of the case. Ask your potential attorney what rate they charge.

If you can not afford it, you can ask if they accept a payment plan to help you break up the payments. 

  1. How Strong Does My Case Appear?

If your drug crimes attorney is giving you a guarantee for a specific result, then this should be viewed as a clear red flag. The reality is that no case is a sure thing.

So, you want a drug attorney that is as straightforward as possible. Remember that Texas tends to be pretty harsh on drug crimes; the state arrests roughly 88,651 individuals yearly for drug abuse.

Because of this, you should ask your attorney about your chances of a good verdict. Again, they can not make promises.

But they can make educated predictions on how the specific drug crime case will likely play out. They can also advise you on maximizing your chances of a favorable verdict. 

Need a Houston Drug Crimes Attorney You Can Trust? Contact Tripodi Law Firm

We hope this article helped you learn some questions you should ask your Houston drug crimes attorney. Sadly, many drug crimes legal professionals are only in it to make money off vulnerable communities.

So, how do you avoid these con artists? By going with options like Tripodi Law Firm. John Tripodi has over thirty years of experience defending against cases like this.

Moreover, he also has a successful track record to back it up. So, if you are ready for the legal help your drug crimes case deserves, contact the Tripodi Law Firm today. 

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