Operations Manager

GARY P. BENJAMIN - Operations Manager

Mr. Benjamin was born in Taiwan to American parents who later settled in the State of New Jersey. After high school, Gary attended Central Texas College and University of Maryland while serving in the United States Army. While in the military Mr. Benjamin served his country in many foreign lands and specialized in electronics. Gary received three (3) Army Commendations Medals and retired with an honorable discharge.

Mr. Benjamin used his United States Army training to open an electronics company specializing in controlling Air Pollution. The business began in New Jersey but later moved to the State of New Hampshire. The small business became a multi-million dollar enterprise. This allowed Gary to form more than seventeen (17) businesses over the course of a decade. Gary has incredible new business experience.

After thirteen (13) years of operating the air pollution control business, Gary and his wife decided to move to Florida. In a very generous way, Mr. Benjamin sold the company to his employees and it is still operational today. Once in Florida Gary became a residential realtor and soon thereafter a Licensed Real Estate Broker. In late 2005, Gary owned a franchise Real Estate Business and by 2007 he successfully built his business to the top 10% of real-estate offices nationwide.

Gary is now a Certified Licensed Real Estate Instructor, the highest designation achievable in the State of Florida and teaches classes to other realtors.

With Mr. Benjamin’s wealth of experience in the business environment and his extensive worldwide traveling, he is an invaluable asset to the operation of our law firm and our Business Immigration Clients.