Employment Based Immigrant Visas

Employment Based (Immigrant) Visas

Do you have the need for an Employment Visa?

The Immigration Nationality Act (INC) and corresponding regulations allow foreign nationals with the skills and talents that can be utilized by the United States to become Permanent Residents (LPR). This allows the permanent resident the right to live and work indefinitely in the United States barring any offense that might render them deportable.

There are five (5) categories for granting permanent residence to foreign nationals based on employment skills:

*EB-1 - Priority Workers - Intended for scientists, researchers, professors and executives with extraordinary abilities interested in working and immigrating to the United States.

*EB-2 - Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability - Allows entertainers, artists, researchers and business professionals whose work will benefit the United States. Proof of exceptional abilities or an advanced degree is required.

*EB-3 - Skilled or Priority Workers – This category is for professionals and other skilled workers who are interested in permanent residence. Although there are several work categories, this class usually necessitates the requirement of a bachelor's degree or two years of work experience. Depending on the country or origin, the applicant may be placed on a waiting list of some length.

*EB-4 - Special Immigrants - Foreign national religious workers and employees and former employees of the U.S. Government abroad.

*EB-5 - Immigrant Investors – Foreign Nationals seeking permanent resident status on the basis of investing in a new or existing commercial enterprise. The minimum investment is $1,000,000 and the creation of a specified number of jobs. The investment may be lowered to $500,000 if the business enterprise is located in an economically challenged area as defined by the appropriate government agency or a Regional Development Center.

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